Applications of NIREOS broadband tech

Discover the industrial and scientific applications that can benefit from our spectroscopy devices. If your application is not listed here, contact us for further information.

Hyperspectral emission mapping of semiconductors

The HERA hyperspectral camera is the ideal device for mapping the light emission from semiconductors, as it enables a fast and quantitative characterization of the semiconductor film, with high spatial and spectral resolutions.

Drugs Identification and Sorting

Hyperspectral cameras are exceptionally adept at identifying and sorting drugs thanks to their capacity to detect chemical variations by measuring spectral data.

Plastic Sorting For Recycling

Hyperspectral imaging is very effective in identifying plastic materials through their spectral characteristics. This facilitates precise and fast separation of plastic waste.

Food Quality Control

Hyperspectral imaging improve food quality control and safety by providing accurate information on samples such as meat, fish, fruit, and seeds.

Vertical Farming and Smart Agriculture

Hyperspectral imaging in smart agriculture effectively quantifies freshness, shelf-life, product quality, and deterioration in perishable vegetables.

Cultural heritage

Hyperspectral cameras enable non-invasive analysis of artifacts and artwork, providing detailed information on their composition, condition, and history.

Color Measurement

Hyperspectral cameras provide precise and efficient solutions for color measurement applications on various materials and products.

What is hyperspectral imaging?

Explore the scientific applications that can benefit from the unique performances of the GEMINI Interferometer, ranging from linear and non-linear spectroscopy to quantum experiments.

Time and Frequency Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Combination of spectral and temporal resolution

Fluorescence spectra

Steady-state fluorescence spectroscopy and Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Maps (EEMs)

Broadband pump-probe spectroscopy at MHz modulation

Transient Absorption Spectroscopy (Pump-Probe) and Coherent Raman Spectroscopy.

Find out the advantages offered by the GEMINI-2D interferometer, the advanced version of the GEMINI. The GEMINI-2D has been specifically designed for 2D spectroscopy experiments.

Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy (2DES)