For fast Excitation/Emission Maps (EEM) and time-resolved measurements with unrivaled sensitivity (measurements down to the single molecules demonstrated). 
Our device measures EEM without using bulky monochromators that limit the light that reaches the sample. It is based on a patented and innovative technology that excites the sample with all the wavelengths simultaneously, decreasing integration times and enhancing the sensitivity.

Main Applications

Excitation-Emission Maps

Our device is easy to use and provides Excitation-Emission Maps (EEM) using a patented and innovative technology that allows us to excite the sample with many wavelengths simultaneously. This feature greatly enhances the light reaching the sample, improving sensitivity and decreasing integration times with respect to conventional technologies. Moreover, the spectral resolution can be set via software according to the sample to be measured, letting the customer balance the trade-off between measurement times and spectral resolution.

Time-Resolved Emission Maps

Our technology employs a unique way to measure Time Resolved Fluorescence emission maps using only one single photon detector. This feature let us choose the best detectors available on the market in terms of speed, time resolution, quantum efficiency and sensitivity to build our devices. 

The GEMINI interferometer allows the use of a broadband single-pixel spectro-temporal fluorescence detector, combining time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) with Fourier transform (FT) spectroscopy. This system is remarkably simple, as it only requires the addition of a CPI to a standard single-pixel TCSPC system, and it shows a readily adjustable spectral resolution with inherently broad bandwidth coverage.