Characterization of Light Sources

Spectral characterization of light sources, lasers, LEDs, optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) and optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs), spanning from the UV to the Mid-Infrared (200 nm – 5000 nm) region, with a single, fast and radiometric calibrated measurement

Quality Control

Measurements for monitoring the quality of industrial processes or products on the line, such as food & beverages, wood, plastics, etc.

Environmental Safety

Accurate measurement of air or water of oceans, lakes and rivers, to monitor the possible presence of pollutants

Cultural Heritage

Extraction of preparatory drawings from below the painted layer and detection of forgeries in paintings


Chiral characterization of molecules and active substances, in order to produce safer and more effective drugs


Analysis of plants and crop fields by measuring simultaneously in the VISIBLE (Chlorophylls) and in the NEAR-MID IR ranges (water, lipids, starch, nitrogen)