Innovative Solutions in Spectroscopy

The GEMINI interferometer is designed to be added to your cutting-edge setup to extract the spectral content of any light source, coherent or not.


It overcomes the drawbacks of using monochromators, having:

High throughput, having no entrance slit (10 mm clear aperture)
User adjustable spectral resolution without affecting throughput
An ultra-broadband spectral coverage (250 nm to 5000 nm)
Easy to align and plug&play
• A compact footprint (10 x 11 x 6 cm)

Video Tutorial

GEMINI for Fluorescence Measurements (Excitation Emission Maps)

Go to 1:20 to watch the Practical Demonstration

What Customers Say

"I was always impressed by the technology since the first publications came out. Later, I had the chance to develop ideas on fluorescence spectroscopy with the people in NIREOS. I know them as young and enthusiastic professionals, both highly skilled and creative thinkers. I enjoyed working with and co-developing some their products so much that I bought a fluorescence setup myself, with which I am 100% satisfied. In the near future, I will apply NIREOS-products for ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy."
"The compactness and ease of use of the GEMINI Interferometer has allowed us to implement it straightforwardly in our existing system without any technical difficulty.
This approach was so far not realizable due to the lack of accuracy of common interferometers.
Its exceptional performances in terms of light throughput, speed and stability have enabled us to gain high quality single molecule excitation and emission spectra."